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Pig Art

‘Pig Art has taken off in a pig way’

Deborah Lampard’s Pig Art examines the validity of art and questions what it means to be an artist, through a participatory instillation where illusive artist 'Pigsy' makes a rare public performance.

The infamous Pigsy brings Pig Art to a city elite enough to host an event of this calibre.

Pig Art is a unique, once in a lifetime opportunity to see a rare collection of contemporkary art exhibited and the creative genius of Pigsy at work.

If you know about art, you know about this.

'The strongest part of this installation was that this room inspired creativity and for members to get involved. Pigture Perfect'
Pnuntz - Blogger

Pig Art was made in a fit of anxiety at the prospect of being an artist who can't even draw. It pokes fun at the validity and commercialisation of Art and The Artist, as well as trying to understand the parameters of what we consider as art.

Pig Art has been presented at venues and festivals including Ejector Seat Festival, Winchester Discovery Centre and Brighton Dome.

Pig Art combines both performance and installation, and can be shown as a one off or as an event running all day. For more information please contact Deborah, Pigsy’s personal administrator.