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Her Yellow Wallpaper

‘A woman, a room, what you find when you lose yourself’

This original piece, based on the words of Charlotte Perkins Gilman, is the tale of a woman's descent into madness as her imagination revolts. As she sits alone, kept hidden in an attic room, the pattern of the yellow wallpaper begins to breathe. Then the breath turns into a whisper, and the whisper starts to tell her stories. And the stories belong to women, imprisoned beneath the paper's strangling pattern. Yet instead of ignoring them, as her husband instructs her, she makes it her purpose to free the women from the paper that traps them.

Whilst seamlessly blending humour and melancholy, Her Yellow Wallpaper captures the despondence of an isolated mind.

Her Yellow Wallpaper was toured locally in Hampshire before a run at Edinbrugh Fringe Festival 2009.

‘imaginative, haunting, and at times darkly comic… simple, effective staging in which complex streams of thought are impressively supported by atmospheric music and symbolic physicality’
**** ThreeWeeks

'‘Hauntingly real’
*** The Scotsman