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Sailing On

There must be something in the water…
Virginia Woolf was missing for days before she was found drowned. We wondered where she was for all that time...but figured she was probably just in the ladies’ (with Ophelia of all people). Whilst occupying this time and space, somewhere between the ‘missing’ and the ‘drowned’, the two half-drowned literary heroines become obsessed with passing patron and regular girl, Romola. It appears that certain tragic incidents in Romola’s past are achingly familiar for the two women. Romola cannot face it, but can they coax her submerged memories from her?

The ladies’ toilets are transformed into a unique setting for storytelling and theatricality in this immersive, site specific show.

The toilets not only host this story, but tell this story as sinks become set, hand-dryers become soundtracks and toilets become props. The tiles are painted with living images, surrounding the audience and taking them on a journey through a dark, forgotten memory. Using the personal story of Romola, ShadyJane dialogue with the iconic cultural figures that represent the image of a woman, beautifully depicted in her dying moments.


‘If it is originality and inventiveness you seek, then
Sailing On is the show for you’

'A clever little show...very commendable'
Total Theatre Magazine

For a production pack, please contact Charlotte.
Sailing On is supported by The Arts Council.