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A Few Minutes with a Mitford

Having sisters can be complicated enough, especially if those six sisters are beautiful, aristocratic and their views spanned political extremes from fascism to communism. Can you imagine? So we wondered what it might be like to be a Mitford sister: with lives that read like bestselling novels, with every ingredient but fiction; living out their youth through war and tabloids, going out, falling out and acting out. Once met, the Mitford sisters are not easily forgotten, nor forgiven.

But perhaps it’s time to leave all of that in the past, to let bygones be bygones, to patch things up. So we thought we’d do something about it - we’ve called a family reunion, and you’re invited…

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A Few Minutes with a Mitford is a new, interactive piece of work which underwent development during 2012, including a small tour made possible by The Arts Council England.

Look out for more dates in 2013

Here is what audiences have said at scratch performances so far:

‘I think this way of making audience members perform is a brilliant way of exploring people from the past with difficult views…fascinating.'

‘It really drew me in and was very moving…very inspiring.'

‘I really enjoyed it...I think Annie is a woman with delusions of grandeur and I am fascinated!’