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Salon de ShadyJane

We invite you into our living room...

Salon de ShadyJane is a network, a performance platform and a strategy for the cultural visibility of the female artist.

It echoes the literary salons of Paris' Left Bank and sees a return to first wave feminist practices, when women artists had no place to show their work, so used their own homes to access each other's art.

ShadyJane has harnessed this model for her own contemporary practice to provide a space where women can exist and be seen as artist.

‘Theatre at its most raw and exciting’
***** Simon Carr, The Echo

'As a young female artist, I feel the Salon is a perfect platform to be given the opportunity to be heard, seen and listened to.'
Nicky Bellenger, Public Attraction

If you are a female artist and would like to be involved we would love to hear from you.
Please email Charlotte.